Mother & daughter, Sarah and Aisha Ormerod, share their experience in Passport to Pottery summer camp.

As a family of expats, Pewabic is one of the essential things to see on any visit to Detroit. Mark, my husband, is a geophysicist and works for a major energy company. His career moves the family from country to country every three to four years. Yet, we spend summers and holidays in our home in Indian Village down the street from Pewabic. We love living in beautiful Detroit. We plan to settle down here permanently when we can.

We heard wonderful things about Pewabic long before we started spending summers in the City. On our first trip to Detroit, in 2008, we visited the pottery and did the self-guided tour. The family’s most recent experience was last year. Our littlest daughter, Aisha attended 3 weeks of the Passport to Pottery summer camp visiting China, France, and Australia.

We chose the camp for Aisha in part because Pewabic makes art making so unpretentious and approachable. The idea that anybody, any age, can make beautiful pottery was intensely attractive to us. P2P offered Aisha an opportunity to explore the world through art while integrating lessons in science, history, literature and culture.

In P2P, she and the other kids were actually MAKING – from scratch. The kids were able to see their works being fired, ask Pewabic staff questions, and feel included in the process from start to finish. During camp, Aisha made a pretty bonsai pot, and planted it with succulents, a jar shaped like brain coral, a series of beautiful plates with ginkgo leaf patterns, and a cool set of dominoes that the family actually plays with!

The real highlight of the summer camp experience is the understanding and interest that Aisha took with her and applies to our daily adventures. We visited Japan a few weeks ago and toured a museum dedicated to Asian pottery in the city of Osaka. Aisha was fascinated by the pottery. She was able to describe to me exactly how some of the ceramic pieces were created because of her lessons in P2P. As we viewed the art, Aisha made me take pictures of a few pieces of pottery she wanted to try to complete this summer at Pewabic.

We are looking forward to another summer of fun at the Pottery, and I am hoping to take a few adult classes myself in the coming year. We feel very lucky to be a part of the Pewabic Family here in Detroit.

Sarah Ormerod
Wife, Mother, Tree Climber, Vagabond.

Passport to Pottery runs Monday through Friday until August 2nd with morning, afternoon and all-day options.

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