By Marisa Miller

This post is part of a series of features on various Pewabic employees.

Ceramics is the true passion of Kelly Haehl, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether she’s mixing glazes, applying glazes to pottery, painting pottery, or sculpting, she enjoys every aspect of the creative ceramic process.

Haehl attended Michigan State University for studio art. She graduated in 2009 with a BFA concentrated in ceramics and a minor in photography. Haehl learned about Pewabic and its career opportunities for artists when a former professor of hers, who used to work at Pewabic, mentioned it to her. She then started working at Pewabic in September of 2010.


Haehl hand painting an Eastern Market Tile, 2016

Presently, Haehl’s official title at Pewabic is Glaze Technician. In this role, she mixes and applies glazes and paints to various pieces of pottery. Haehl also sculpts her own pottery.

“I love glazing different components different colors, it’s really interesting to see how it all comes together,” said Haehl.

Carved slip mugs, 2016

Haehl has a passion for everything about pottery. At Pewabic, this passion is manifested in many different ways, and in everything she does.

“I really like working on architectural stuff,” said Haehl. “It’s really cool to see how all the little pieces build up to make a big installation.”

Assortment of Haehl’s vessels, including her unique glazes.

Outside of Pewabic, Haehl creates items including Michigan mugs, carved ceramic pieces, and works with ceramicist Ryan Lack in creating small ceramic vessels (mostly used as necklaces). Haehl’s personal work can be seen and purchased at art fairs, galleries, and on

Haehl Michigan Mugs and Lack mini vessels glazed and waiting to be fired.
Haehl Michigan Mugs and Lack mini vessels glazed and waiting to be fired.

No matter if she is working inside Pewabic or out, pottery is a passion that has been engrained into Haehl for life.

“Ceramics is a lifelong love of mine,” said Haehl. “I’ll probably always be doing it in some capacity.”