We believe it’s important to look beyond the boundaries of our campus, to be involved in our schools and community. To that end, we provide education opportunities for community programs and local schools – in the classroom and in after-school settings.

Offsite Programs

The Pewabic Education Studio partners with schools directly to provide ceramic art instruction. In some cases, our programs are grant-funded programs in order to assist schools unable to budget for ceramic art instruction as part of their curriculum. 

We currently partner with dozens of local schools and several grant funding agencies on an ongoing basis.

Our educational programs reach over 8,000 students through seminars, classes, workshops, and other occasional or special activities – including Passport to Pottery, a popular summer program that looks at global cultural history through ceramics.

Pewabic offers a self-contained curriculum that will allow us to extend ceramics education to virtually any classroom setting. If you think your school would benefit from Pewabic programs, contact our Supervisor of Community & Youth Programs at 313.626.2086 or education@pewabic.org for more information. If you would like to help support our offsite youth education programs visit our financial support page or contact our development office at 313.626.2002 or at support@pewabic.org.

Student Murals

Pewabic’s Education Studio also works closely with many school art departments and students to create meaningful tile mural projects.

Whether you have a modest project in mind or an all-inclusive endeavor, we have worked with small groups of students as well as projects involving hundreds of students.


To begin the mural process, we will need a written description of your project including: precise dimensions (we prefer blueprints), number of students involved, budget, if available, and your timeline. If your project is approved, you will sign a contract before fabrication begins.

Staff from our Education Studio and Design Studio will visit your school to meet your art teacher(s). If your project involves an architect, we recommend that you hold a joint meeting.


As you might expect, volunteers are always a good idea when creating a large mural. We recommend one volunteer for every 6-7 students. Volunteering provides a great opportunity for parents, board members and other members of the community to be involved with the project.


We provide all tools and supplies unless otherwise indicated.


The majority of our Student Mural partners prefer to press tiles onsite at their schools. Our facilities are also suitable for certain projects. Please ask your Pewabic educator for more details.

For most projects, you’ll need to store a large number of wet tiles prior to firing. If a wet room is unavailable, shelving and heavy plastic can be used for storage. Fired tiles can be stored in cardboard boxes.

While most clients prefer to glaze and fire the tiles at their schools, Pewabic’s facilities and kilns are suitable for some projects. Just ask your Pewabic educator for more details.

Once your project is complete, please send us a photo!