Classic Arts & Crafts designs. Contemporary interpretations. Progressive concepts. Tiles, vases, works of art and more – you’ll find it all here at Pewabic. Collaborate with a Pewabic designer to bring your vision to life. Pewabic’s in house designers are happy to assist you in designing your project.

Tree Two Tone Tile 4×4″

Pinecone Tile 6×6″

Turtle Paperweight 3x3x1″

Pinecone Tile 3×3″

Gen’s Valentine 3×3″

Dragonfly Tile 4×4″

Botanical and Nature Tiles

Rose Tile 3×3″

Ginkgo Two Tone Tile 4×4″

Gift Boxes

Lotus and Snowdrop Vase

Journey Knot Tile 3×3″

Cat Paperweight 4x3x2″

Two Tone Tiles Sample
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Cat Tile 3×3″

Peacock Tile 6×6″

Iris Vase 9.5×6″

Acorn Tile 3×3″

Lovebirds Tile 8×8″

Lotus Tile 4×4″