Student Murals

Pewabic’s Education Studio works closely with many school art departments and students to create meaningful tile mural projects for their schools.

How does my school begin a project with Pewabic?

Pewabic staff from both our Education Studio and Design Studio will visit your school site and meet your art teacher(s). If your project involves an architect, a joint meeting with art teachers is strongly recommended.

What information does Pewabic need to begin work?

We will need a written description of your project including: precise dimensions, number of students involved, budget if available and your timeline. Blueprints are always preferred. A contract will need to be signed before any fabrication begins.

Where will my school's tiles be made?

Most clients prefer to press tiles onsite at their schools. Pewabic's facilities may also be suitable for certain projects. Please ask your Pewabic educator for more details.

What supplies will my school need to provide for this project?

Sufficient clay, hand tools, glaze materials and slab rollers are all needed for a typical mural project. Pewabic can also provide clay and slips in buckets if preferred.

How many students can be involved?

We have experience working with small groups of students as well as projects involving hundreds of students. It's necessary to know how many young people will be involved before your project can begin.

Where will wet tiles and fired tiles be stored?

For most mural projects a large number of wet tiles will need to be stored prior to firing. A wet room is very useful for wet tiles, or if unavailable, shelving and heavy plastic can be used. Fired tiles can be stored in cardboard boxes.

Where will the tiles be glazed and kiln fired?

Most clients prefer to glaze and fire the tiles at their school. However, some projects are suitable for using the Pottery's facilities and kilns. Please ask your Pewabic educator for more details.

Will we need volunteers to help with this project?

Volunteers are great! We recommend one volunteer for every 6-7 students. Volunteers also provide a great opportunity for parents, board members, and other key community people to be involved with your school.

How will our school install the tile?

Pewabic does not offer installation services. However, we'd be happy to recommend installers who have worked for other clients satisfactorily.

And one more thing.

We do request a photograph of your project once completed for our archives. If you have any other questions, please call our Supervisor of Community & Youth Programs at (313) 626-2081. We look forward to speaking with you!