Six Limited Edition MOCAD Risograph Prints

This auction includes six limited-edition risograph prints from The Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, Michigan as part of their 2021 exhibition program. 

Featuring prints from Black Art Library, Leni Sinclair, Olivia Guterson, as well as Dual Vision exhibiting artist pairs Adam Lee Miller + Nicola Kuperus (ADULT.), Sterling Toles + Nate Mullen, and Katheryn Brackett Luchs + Michael Luchs.

Adam Lee Miller + Nicola Kuperus (ADULT.)Exterior Face Façade (with interior switches). Risograph, 11"x17".

Sterling Toles + Nate MullenThe Things We Must Do. Risograph, 11"x17".

Black Art Library. Risograph, 11"x17". Designer: Sara McGrath.

Leni SinclairFela Kuti at Orchestra Hall, DetroitRisograph, 11"x17".

Katheryn Brackett Luchs + Michael LuchsMoth (Pink). Risograph, 11"x17".

Olivia Guterson. Risograph, 11"x17".

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