Abigail Murray | Pink Collection

Abigail Murray creates simple, utilitarian forms with complex surfaces of found and created textures. She explores ideas of pattern, layering, and light referencing the repetition and precision of technology while delighting in the subtle imperfections of the entirely handmade.

Abigail received her MFA  from Cranbrook Academy of Art and spent years making sculptures and installations before her ideas turned toward function. Inspired by a request for dishes from a friend and the intimacy of the relationship between pots and their users, she founded her brand in 2012. All pieces are made by her in her studio in Detroit, using a combination of hand-building and slip casting techniques.

  • Style A  2.5" x 4"
  • Style B  4.5" x 6.5"
  • Style C  4.25" x 3"
  • Style D  2.5" x 3"
  • Style E  3" x 3"
  • Style F  3" x 4.25"


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