Linda Witkowski | Summer Framed Tile

Linda Witkowski:Having a deeply rooted love of the Arts and Crafts movement and in particular the tiles fabricated during that time, since 1998 I have been creating large hand-pressed ceramic tiles and their plain or tile accented toned wooden frames for the purpose of artistic display. Infusing the concepts of the Arts and Crafts movement with nuances of Asian artwork, the art generated by the Pre-Raphaelites and that created during the Art Nouveau period, my goal has been to design and glaze figural, animal and landscape tiles that, displayed in my tile embellished wooden frames, have symbolic meaning and take the viewer someplace special.”

“Considered part of the overall artistic intent, I make and color the tile frame accents as well as the oak frame for each art tile as its color, design and symbolism are integral to the glazed art tile it surrounds. Also unique in color and design each art tile contains 3-20 hand applied glazes and is fired in a gas kiln to cone 10 (2350°F).”

  • 18 3.25" x 15 3.25" 
  • Frame included 

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