Iridescent Holiday Collection

Our final release of 2021 features hand-selected Iridescent and Winterberry vessels, exciting new Mezza and Petite vase forms, and some brand new pieces that have never been available online before. 

We are photographing each vase individually*. Once the item is sold, it cannot be replaced. We hope this online collection will give all of our fans scattered across the country the opportunity to select their own completely one-of-a-kind Pewabic piece. 

Many consider the Iridescent glaze to be Pewabic's most important contribution to ceramic art. Through trial, error, and sheer persistence, Mary Chase Perry Stratton developed her first successful Iridescent glaze in 1906. Establishing the formula and stabilizing the firing process took another three years.

Today our Iridescent pieces are fired somewhat similarly, though with safer materials. It requires a third firing and a process called fuming–– when vegetable oil is injected into the kiln to create the extraordinary one-of-a-kind effects.

No two iridescent vases will ever be the same. The process of injecting a special vegetable oil mix into the hot kiln during the iridescent firing means that we have no way to control the exact outcome. 

Note: Flower food should not be put in the water of your iridescent vessel as it will react with the glaze surface. 


*As many pieces sold out quickly, we have added regular listing for some of our iridescent vases to the beginning of this collection. Please note that the vase you receive will not be the exact ones pictured in the listing for those items. You can also contact the Pewabic Store at 313.626.2010 to check our current stock of our iridescent vases in store. Thank you!