Winterberry Collection

WINTERBERRY IS CURRENTLY IN HIBERNATION. Look out for its return during the holiday season!

Red is a notoriously difficult color to achieve in ceramics. Consistently creating our dramatic Winterberry glaze requires meticulous effort, culminating in the hottest firing we do here at Pewabic, one that reduces the oxygen in the atmosphere of the kiln to capture the red hue. Some vessels capture flashes of milky white where oxygen stayed in the kiln. These "oxygen kisses" are part of what makes Winterberry pieces so unique.

Due to the intense process of creating our Winterberry vessels, we only offer it for a limited time each year, during the holiday season. This glaze encapsulates the warmth we all crave during the dreary winter months. 

Note that items in this collection are not exactly the same as the ones depicted. The unpredictability of this glaze prevents a uniform finish as stated above. 


"My children gave me a Winterberry mug for my birthday in December. It is so beautiful. I just love it. In fact, when my husband picked it up for coffee, I told him to put it back, that it was too pretty for him! Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece. "
- Anne M., Tallahassee, Florida