Copper Vase Set Collection

Life is full of unexpected surprises! Glaze formulation can be unpredictable and change over time, but we are embracing the beautiful blue-grey flashes of color making an appearance on the surface of our vessels. Copper is the newest addition to our Iridescent glaze family and has proven to be one of our most dynamic and ever-changing.

In the early days of Pewabic, founder Mary Chase Perry Stratton sketched shapes for her vessel thrower, Joseph Heerich, to throw on the wheel. Stratton would then apply slip or other decorative applications to the surface, much like the Classic Vase finish.  

Many consider the Iridescent glaze to be Pewabic's most important contribution to ceramic art. Through trial, error, and sheer persistence, Mary Chase Perry Stratton developed her first successful Iridescent glaze in 1906. Establishing the formula and stabilizing the firing process took another three years.

  • Small Classic Vase is approximately 6"- 7” 
  • Petite Vases are approximately  3" x 4"
  • Set includes all three vases

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