Delyria | Mega Bowl

Elizabeth Delyria always intended to be an artist. She started as a painter with a B.A. in Painting from the University of New Orleans; but when she went to the University of Houston to get her Masters in Art Education, she discovered clay.

“I love the concept of functional art. A beautifully made mug that you hold as you drink can bring so much quiet pleasure to a daily ritual.” In 2006, the award-winning artist and teacher was invited to become a Cultural Envoy to Russia where she helped create a dialogue with Russian teachers about student-centered and interdisciplinary education.

This sculptural bowl modeled after driftwood has a lot of heart and character. This piece uses kintsugi repair,  a Japanese method that embraces imperfections in clay by highlighting their natural breaks in gold. Delyria’s work has been celebrated by many involved in the ceramics community and we are always blown away by her body of work. 

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