Janice Robb | Blue Dish Collection

Janice Robb's work centers widely around her affinity for ginkgo leaves. These trees are native to China and Japan but have become valued ornamental trees all over the world. 

Robb's high-gloss glaze surface contrasts well with the dark, natural impressions of the ginkgo leaf forms. Robb branches out in this collection of blue dishware, introducing some new forms with consistent ethereal glazed surfaces. 

  • Style A  6"x6"x.75"
  • Style B  13.5"x5.5"x.75"
  • Style C  11"x4.75"x.75"
  • Style D  13.5"x5.5"x.75"
  • Style E  13"x7.5"x1"
  • Style F  9.5"x10"x.5"
  • Style G  8.75"x8.75"x.75"

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