Raku Party 2022 | Section B: 11am -1:30pm

Description: $75 per person 

Join us for Pewabic Education’s Annual Raku Party. Choose and glaze a pot to be fired right before your eyes! This event will be smaller than in past years, but no less fun!

How to Sign Up: Choose a time slot section that works best for you! Enter your desired quantity and run through the rest of the website process! You’ll receive an email with more information on what to expect on October 7, 2022! 

What to Expect: All steps will be guided by a Pewabic Education Staff Member

Arrival and Vessel Choice: Walk through the front gate and into the courtyard to meet with your section, there will be 15 people per section. Once everyone in your section has arrived, (please arrive on time, we have a schedule to maintain!) you will select a vessel and then head upstairs into our studio.

Glazing: Here you will be instructed on how to glaze your pot by a Pewabic Education Staff member. You will have roughly 45 minutes to do so.

Drying: Then your section’s pots will be placed in a warming kiln for about 45 minutes then off to the Outdoor Raku Kiln Pad it goes!

Firing: Once we’ve loaded all of your section’s pots into the Raku Kiln they will fire for about 45 minutes, then they will be pulled from the hot kiln and sent through the Western Raku process for your viewing pleasure! 

Cooling: After letting the pot sit and cool for about 15 minutes, it will be ready for its new home! 

What to do while I wait: While you wait for your pot to dry, fire, and cool you can take a look around our Historic Museum, shop our retail space, or get something amazing from our wonderful Student Sale! Feel free to bring a snack or a tasty beverage to sip in our courtyard while you wait as well. Pewabic will not be providing food or beverages, so BYOB. 

Masks will be required indoors regardless of vaccination status. Pewabic will not issue a cash refund within 72 hours of the event. Pewabic Education Studio is under no obligation to reschedule events that are canceled upon the closure of the facility due to inclement weather, power outages, or covid shutdown, –in these cases a refund will be issued. Please contact the onsite education manager at lmccoy@pewabic.org with any questions. 

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