Pewabic is many things. To many people.

A non-profit ceramic studio rich in heritage. An educational community devoted to inclusion. A creative incubator respected around the country.


Our founder, Mary Chase Perry Stratton, was an innovator. In the early twentieth century, her experiments with glazes changed the face of contemporary ceramics. That spirit – her living legacy – is what drives Pewabic today.


Pewabic was founded in 1903 – and while many things have changed, our culture remains the same. We foster a progressive environment by celebrating new artists, exhibiting innovative work and offering opportunities to explore, experiment and invent.


We continue to redefine our role in the community through outreach and education, looking for new ways to make ceramics relevant and accessible to people of all ages and skill levels.

Like our founder, we are creating our next makers, artists and appreciators. And like our founder, we are progressing ceramics by inspiring, supporting and recognizing the contributions of everyone who takes part.


Corey Scillian, Chair
Annmarie Erickson, Vice Chair
Catherine Dobrowitsky, Secretary
Neil Bristol, Treasurer

Effie Ambler
Renata Joanna Bode
Edie Briskin
Charles Bullock
Beth Carnaghi
Leigh Chandler
Kenneth Crutcher
Roger Garrett
Carole Harris
Terese Ireland Salisbury
Maureen Kaiser
Harry Kurrie
Patrice Merritt
Jennifer Neumann
Anne O’Connor
Tom Phardel
Rick Portwood
Davira Taragin
Kenneth Thelen
Paul Urbanek

Steve McBride, Executive Director


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