Gift & Give with Rock CF

Emily Schaller, Founder of Rock CF, shares her inspirational battle with Cystic Fibrosis and the exciting path that led her to partner with Pewabic for a Gift & Give holiday shopping event.

Rock CF Founder Emily SchallerIn 1983, my parents were given the news that their third child had cystic fibrosis. The prognosis for surviving into adulthood, let alone her teenage years was not good. I am super happy to report that I am my parents third child, and I am now 31 years old and have never been happier or healthier in my life. My CF road has been rocky, filled with hospital stays, surgeries, hours of breathing treatments and many, many medications. While the treatments, the doctors and my family kept me alive, I believe running changed my life. I run to live and I run to breathe. This video captures my path to ROCK CF, the foundation I started in 2007 to support research and awareness of Cystic Fibrosis.


Sibling (Rivals) Collaborate

Sister and brother, Deb King and Chris King, have been taking classes together in the Pewabic Pottery Education Studio for several years. Just like their studio practice, they collaborate about their experience as ceramic artists and educator. Deb and Chris co-author their post.

Chris and I appreciate the enduring historical importance of Pewabic Pottery and it’s exceptional work. We only became aware its ceramic arts classes a few years ago. We both have long-standing interests in cultural and artistic activities. So, classes at Pewabic were a natural fit for us. Taking classes at Pewabic has been a completely rewarding experience! It is such a joy to sit side-by-side at potter’s wheels throwing vessels. We motivate and critique one another, and Chris and I are each other’s biggest fans.


Drinks x Design

Detroit Creative Corridor Center’s (DC3) Project Coordinator Jakki Kirouac blogs about the upcoming Drinks x Design (DxD) event at Pewabic, the DC3’s annual Detroit Design Festival (DDF) and the commemorative tile created for the 2013 DDF. Read about DxD and join us at our National Historic Landmark home Thursday, August 8, 2013 for August Drinks x Design: Pewabic Pottery.

Jakki Kirouac While Drinks x Design is always excited to share many of the new businesses launching and relocating to Detroit each month, we are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Detroit Design Festival and the historic Pewabic Pottery.

The DxD team took our cue from Detroit Creative Corridor Center’s involvement with Culture Lab Detroit. Last spring, DC3 welcomed design icon, David Stark to Detroit and that welcoming included collaborating with Pewabic Pottery on a custom dinnerware plate. (You can read about it here in a previous post on the Pewabic blog.)


Passport to Summer Camp

Mother & daughter, Sarah and Aisha Ormerod, share their experience in Passport to Pottery summer camp.

As a family of expats, Pewabic is one of the essential things to see on any visit to Detroit. Mark, my husband, is a geophysicist and works for a major energy company. His career moves the family from country to country every three to four years. Yet, we spend summers and holidays in our home in Indian Village down the street from Pewabic. We love living in beautiful Detroit. We plan to settle down here permanently when we can.

We heard wonderful things about Pewabic long before we started spending summers in the City. On our first trip to Detroit, in 2008, we visited the pottery and did the self-guided tour. The family’s most recent experience was last year. Our littlest daughter, Aisha attended 3 weeks of the Passport to Pottery summer camp visiting China, France, and Australia.


Emily Duke Visits Pewabic

Emily DukeAs I think about visiting home for my workshop at Pewabic Pottery I get flooded with landmarks and favorite spots to collect reference photographs to take back to Kansas City. At the root of my art making practice is a strong connection to home, vernacular architecture and our powerful relationship to objects. As I move forward and relocate my studio often I am searching for threads within urban landscapes of the Mid-West.

Currently, I am an Artist in Residence at Red Star Studios in Kansas City, MO and was recently featured in Ceramics Monthly as a 2013 Emerging Artist.