Pewabic’s founders, Mary Chase Perry Stratton and Horace Caulkins began their ceramic business in 1903 in Detroit, MI.

Stratton and Caulkins opened Pewabic in 1903, however, the name was not adopted until 1904.

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First named the “Stable Studio”, Stratton decided to pick a more fitting name. When thinking of a proper title, she was a little unsure. She discussed her thoughts with Caulkins and they settled on a few choices ranging from “Starbright”, to “Hamtramck”, to also “Pewabic”. In 1904, they decided to name the business Pewabic, a call back to Mary Stratton’s childhood. They discussed the name more and finally settled on Pewabic.


How did Stratton come up with the name Pewabic? As a child, she lived near the Pewabic Mine in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Pewabic comes from Ojibwe. The term “wabic” means metal and “bewabic’ means iron or steel, and the mystique of the name appealed to Stratton. The mine has since perished, but Pewabic’s legacy thrives today.

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