New Mural transforms the Pewabic Courtyard

Posted by Amanda Rogers on

To celebrate 115 years of ceramic craftsmanship at Pewabic, Detroit muralist Mike Burdick and sign artist Kelly Golden created a 20-by-30 foot mural depicting the stages of the clay making process on our admin office building. The design includes images of artisans mixing clay, making molds, pressing tiles, glazing and loading kilns under the watchful eye of Pewabic co-founder Mary Chase Perry Stratton. The mural marks the first stage of courtyard renovations at the pottery.

"We wanted the mural to reflect the spirit of Pewabic and what we are doing here. The mural is the first of many renovations aimed at inviting visitors into the courtyard space," said Amanda Rogers, the pottery's marketing director.

Visitors watched Burdick and Golden painting the mural live during Pewabic's 28th annual House & Garden Show.

Come by to see this mural in person and be sure to tag @Pewabic when you share your images in front of the mural online!

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