Stories from the Pottery

Introducing the Zodiac Series

The first trio in our Zodiac Collection featuring Aries, Taurus, and Gemini Pewabic Designer Chris Mayse embarked on an ambitious project: hand-sculpting the twelve signs...

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Pewabic's Educational Legacy

Education is at the heart of what we do. Our Co-Founder Mary Chase Perry Stratton founded the ceramics education programs at Wayne State University and...

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Pewabic & the Automotive Industry

Ford Motor Company’s Highland Park Plant, birthplace of the Ford Model T circa 1910 -  courtesy of Detroit Publishing Company  Join us as we explore...

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Pewabic Reintroduction

National Historic Landmark - Pewabic Pottery, current day     Pewabic has seen it all. Established in 1903, the pottery has weathered through The Great Depression...

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Celebrating Women's History Month

Photo of Mary Chase Perry Stratton at Pewabic Pottery, 1904 This month we remember the late Mary Chase Perry Stratton born on March 15  in 1867....

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Pewabic's Early Years

A portion of our new exhibition "Pewabic: Detroit's Pottery" Our new exhibition, “Pewabic: Detroit’s Pottery” explores Pewabic’s more than a century long history through to the present-day....

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The Development of Pewabic's Iridescent Glazes

A display of Pewabic vessels in the newest addition to our Iridescent glaze collection, Azurite Pewabic’s signature Iridescent glazes continue to be recognized as the...

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Pewabic Stands the Test of Time

Early exterior shot of Pewabic Pottery circa 1916  As part of our throwback Thursday series, we look back on how Pewabic has stood the test...

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Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Co-Founder Mary Chase Perry Stratton

Mary with large vase in 1929, photographed by Mach “Aretha Franklin, Rosa Parks, Gilda Radner, Martha Dodge, a list that screams Detroit’s defining women. Often...

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