Women's City Club Pattern Tile

The Detroit Women’s City Club Pattern Tile is inspired by the pattern prominent on the exterior arch of the building. The Detroit Women’s City Club was built in 1924 and was designated a Michigan State Historic Site in 1979. 

Pewabic co-founder Mary Chase Perry Stratton was the first Vice President of the club when it was founded in 1919. Mary’s husband and the architect who built Pewabic, William B. Stratton, was also the architect responsible for the build of the clubhouse. 

This geometric teardrop design was created by Mary Chase – folding in glowing blue tiles as well as her signature Iridescent glazes adorning the original arch of the doorway. This rendition was created to honor Mary Chase’s dedication to the Detroit community, as well as her influence and affinity for the Arts and Crafts movement in America.

  • 8” x 18”
  • Handcrafted in Detroit
  • Pewabic logo stamped on back
  • Slight variations in glaze and firing results ensure each handcrafted Pewabic piece is one of a kind

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