Scarab Paperweight, Iridescent

Our Scarab paperweight recalls the popular beetle-like faience frequently used as a talisman to represent immortality or rebirth.

Many consider the Iridescent glaze to be Pewabic's most important contribution to ceramic art. Through trial, error, and sheer persistence, Mary Chase Perry Stratton developed her first successful Iridescent glaze in 1906. Establishing the formula and stabilizing the firing process took another three years.

Today our Iridescent pieces are fired somewhat similarly, though with safer materials. It requires a third firing and a process called fuming, when vegetable oil is injected into the kiln to create the extraordinary one-of-a-kind effects. 

  • Paperweight measures slightly larger than 4" x 3" x 1"
  • From our Egyptian-inspired Collection
  • Handcrafted in Detroit
  • High-fire stoneware individually hand-pressed and glazed by Pewabic artisans
  • Pewabic logo stamped on bottom
  • Slight variations in glaze and firing results ensure each handcrafted Pewabic piece is one of a kind
  • In Matte Green Iridescent

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