Framed Detroit Flag

Designed in 1907 by David Emil Heineman, the flag of Detroit commemorates the countries that have controlled the city within its four corners: the French fleur-de-lis, Great Britain’s golden lions, and the American stars and stripes. The city seal in the center, designed by J.O. Lewis in 1827, depicts the great fire of 1805. While the woman on the left weeps for the burning city, the lady on the right provides comfort, gesturing to the new city that will take its place. The spirit of Detroit is represented in Latin with "Speramus Meliora"—"We hope for better things"—and "Resurget Cineribus"—"it will rise from the ashes".

This piece comes in a reclaimed wood frame handcrafted by Mutual Adoration.

  • 10.5" x 13.75"
  • Individually hand-pressed and glazed by Pewabic artisans
  • Slight variations in glaze and firing results ensure each handcrafted Pewabic piece is one of a kind
  • A perfect compliment to your Postcard Tile collection

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