This black wooden framed piece features two Spartan tiles stacked on top of each other. Each tile has a high relief Spartan helmet design.. The top tile features the glossy deep green Kale glaze while the tile below has the satin finished white Alabaster glaze.

Mutual Adoration | 2 4x4 Spartan Tiles Framed

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Mutual Adoration specializes in frames, furniture, and housewares made from hardwoods salvaged from buildings throughout Detroit. Each frame is one of a kind and features the character marks from the wood's former life. Mutual Adoration celebrates that story by highlighting the knots, screw holes, and other character marks in their handcrafted frames.

  • 2 4" x 4" MSU Spartan Helmet Tiles in Spartan Green and Alabaster
  • Mutual Adoration frames are sourced in Detroit using reclaimed wood and can vary vastly in finish
  • Each frame is one of a kind, so select the specific style you prefer
  • Each frame comes with a keyhole slot for easy hanging with a standard screw
  • This frame has exposed wood edges with a black front face.