Craftsman Clock | 4X4 MSU Spartan Tile

Our Michigan State University Spartan Tile is set in a limited edition Craftsman Style clock. Ownership of Pewabic was transferred to Michigan State University in 1967. MSU operated the pottery as a part of their continuing education program until 1976. 

The support of MSU was crucial before Pewabic was established as a nonprofit organization in 1979. This tile was crafted to honor our historic ties to Michigan State University. You can read more about that history here.

  • 4” x 4" Michigan State University Spartan Tile
  • 14.25" x 10.25" x 4.5" (clock frame included) 
  • Handcrafted in Detroit
  • Individually hand-pressed and hand-painted by Pewabic artisans
  • Pewabic logo stamped on back
  • Slight variations in glaze and firing results ensure each handcrafted Pewabic piece is one of a kind

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