Faceted Tile Necklace | Iridescent

The faceted surface and iconic blush gold iridescent glaze echo the design of the tiles incorporated into Pewabic's tile studio’s facade. 

Many factors work together to achieve Pewabic’s iconic Iridescent glaze, the result of a special oil blend injected into the kiln during the peak temperature of the firing process, ultimately creating the one-of-a-kind shimmery finish often associated with Pewabic. 

  • Necklace chains are adjustable up to 28" in sterling silver
  • Handcrafted in Detroit
  • Pendants are individually hand-pressed in our own stoneware and glazed by Pewabic artisans
  • Pewabic logo stamped on back
  • Slight variations in glaze and firing results ensure each handcrafted Pewabic piece is one of a kind
  • Available in Blush Iridescent

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