Pewabic Speaks Out Against Hate

April 02, 2021 1 Comment

Our hearts are heavy over the recent hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. These acts of hate are unacceptable. Members of the AAPI community have experienced discrimination in this country for too long. It is heartbreaking that anyone is living in fear. 

Pewabic continues to benefit from the diversity of our staff, students, members and customers. We make art in the hope that it can enrich lives. As an organization, we are striving to build an equitable and welcoming environment that enhances the lives of all members of our community. We will not tolerate hate speech or actions on any level.  

This week, we have spent time reflecting on these tragedies and creating space for team members to express their feelings. Thank you, Frankie and Steven, for opening up and sharing your thoughts.



“Is it too much to ask to just be kind to each other?

It is incredibly difficult to exist in a society that only cares about marginalized groups when they are trending. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian people have been the targets of harassment, hate crimes and bullying. It is saddening that it has taken a mass shooting to spotlight an issue that has troubled us for decades. Despite the weight of the tragedy, it is imperative that we take action against this. We must cultivate a world in which understanding and celebrating the things that make us different can lead us to a place where nobody is afraid to exist.”

 - Steven Kin, Pewabic Vessel Maker/Educator


“Speaking from behind the curtain as a half Asian American woman managing Pewabic's social media accounts, I needed time to collect my thoughts. The best aspect of my childhood was watching my parents discover new things about each other’s cultures and celebrate them together. These are things we should encourage; this is what true acceptance and love feels like. If we can foster the same understanding in our networks, we will all end up better for it.”

- Frankie Ma, Pewabic Digital Marketing Coordinator


As we work to create a safe and welcoming space at Pewabic, we invite you to foster real change within your own communities, however large or small. Real change requires a concerted effort from all of us to speak out against hate and injustice.

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Carey Hopkins
Carey Hopkins

June 08, 2021

Right on Pewabic thank you for posting and taking a stand. I have people in my family who are of Asian descent who I love every much I am beyond angry and disturbed by what has been happening.

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