The Lotus Vase Story

May 21, 2020 3 Comments

We’re putting the spotlight on an early Pewabic vase design. The Lotus Vase in its original form was born from the Stable Studio in 1904-1905. The Lotus vases currently in production today are very similar to the matte green vessel depicted below. They were made of porcelaneous stoneware and donned the "Maple Leaf" stamp that was only in use from 1903-1907.

A collection of historic vases during the Stable Studio days.

Historic Lotus Vase (second from the left)

We know of at least two original Lotus Vases in private collections. One resides with the great-grandson of one of Mary Chase Perry’s original employees, Joseph Ender, who worked at the pottery from 1911-1959. The lotus vessel depicted below was crafted to be an umbrella holder, which explains its massive size!

Mary Chase Perry Stratton sculpting with a historic lotus vessel set beside her in the Stable Studio circa 1904.

Mary Chase Perry Stratton sculpting with a historic lotus vessel set beside her


Pewabic artist Josh unveiling a Lotus Vase from it's slip-casting.


Pewabic re-introduced the Lotus Vase to the production line in honor of one of our favorite forms. These pieces are finished with our matte green Sorrel glaze–– keeping true to the original vision. It can stand on its own, but displays a floral arrangement beautifully. 

We love sharing the stories that give relevance to the work. Whenever we add a new Pewabic vase to our personal collections, we recollect these moments and historic photos.

Vessel team member Josh is pictured here removing the Lotus Vase from its mold before further refinement. Each step of the process from slip creation to final firing is done in-house at Pewabic Pottery in Detroit. 

We are proud to continue this tradition of handcraft as the world moves further away from tactile art. 




Photo of our current slip-casted Lotus Vase filled with bright pink tulips and seeded eucalyptus.

 Present-day Lotus Vase 

Pewabic’s co-founder spent much of her career sculpting striking botanical forms. Our work is still very rooted in the natural world, embracing what inspired Pewabic’s beginnings. We will continue to share stories about our century-long presence in the art community of Detroit and beyond. Sign-up for Pewabic's newsletter so you don't miss a thing. 

3 Responses

Sandee Stamm
Sandee Stamm

July 21, 2022

I always appreciate learning more about the beautiful pieces manufactured in the past and present by Pewabic.
The Lotus Vase is a lovely piece to add to one’s current collection and is one my daughter has especially admired.
Looks like I need to do some more shopping.

Debra Robinson
Debra Robinson

October 19, 2020

We found out about Pewabic Pottery watching This Old House about Detroit. In one of the homes they were re-doing, they put your fabulous tile in the fireplace surround. Then we found your website. So thrilled, since we didn’t get our Art in the Park “hit” this fall thanks to covid. Love the iridescence and all the green. Hoping to make serious inroads into your inventory in the next few days. :D
Debra Robinson, Boise Idaho

Lynda Drake
Lynda Drake

October 19, 2020

It sends chills up my spine to read the history of the Lotus vase. This was my first major purchase in 2014 toward a Pewabic collection. I was drawn to this vase because of the simplicity and beauty of the design. I continue to add pieces of historic design new and old to my growing collection.

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