Wishing you a peaceful and art-filled New Year

December 31, 2019


As 2019 draws to a close and a new year – and decade – begins, I find myself reflecting upon the role of a pottery in the 21st century. Pewabic is an oasis of calm in a busy world. When everything today seems to be moving faster and faster, Pewabic is about slowing down and enjoying the journey: a mindful moment sipping your favorite beverage from a hand thrown mug; the warmth of family members gathered around a tile hearth. We believe in the timeless beauty of work crafted by hand.

There is a special magic reflected in our National Historic Landmark pottery, where Pewabic artisans continue a tradition of craftsmanship that extends back more than a century. It is embodied in Detroit, a city of makers where grit and artistry work hand in hand. And it’s carried across the nation (and beyond) with our pottery and tile.

But mostly, the magic of Pewabic resides in the people. We are deeply grateful for the talented artists and staff who bring the work to life; the dedicated students who share our love for the craft; the members and donors who believe in our mission and whose financial support helps sustain this nonprofit organization; and for the customers and visitors who recognize something special in this remarkable pottery. Thank you for keeping Pewabic thriving today.

We wish you a joyful and art-filled New Year.

Steve McBride
Executive Director, Pewabic

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