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Our education team has created Pewabic themed worksheets, coloring pages, and more! These materials are a perfect addition to your lessons on Pewabic's history and process. You can use them to complement your field trip to our historic building or as you teach about the pottery in your own classroom.

classroom activities

Crossword puzzle

crossword puzzle - answer key

word find 1

word find 1 - answer key

word find 2

word find 2 - answer key

field trip companion sheets

photo challenge

design your own tile worksheet

coloring pages

Sacred Heart Seminary 1

Sacred heart seminary 2

Sparrow mural

Comerica park mural

chaney elementary drinking fountain

chaney elementary fireplace

guardian building pattern

freer house fireplace

old detroit tile

northern high school fountain

old main drinking fountain

flower medallion

peacock tile

historic lamp

flower tiles

tile board 1

tile board 2