Kresge honors Marie Woo as its 2020 Eminent Artist

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Pewabic couldn’t be more thrilled about the recent announcement of Marie Woo being named the 2020 Kresge Eminent Artist. The educator and ceramicist is a former Pewabic Society trustee and longtime advocate for and friend of the pottery, particularly the Education Studio. 

“She had a vision that extended beyond where Pewabic was at that moment,” explains Pewabic Education Director Annie Dennis, adding that Woo fought at the board level to keep the education department. “She recognized something that would be of value in the future. She looked ahead and saw how important this atmosphere was for learning. Fast forward to today and our education classes are consistently sold out.”

Dennis credits Woo’s skill set, thoughtfulness and passion, which she says remain instilled in the Education Studio.

“There’s something about her spirit and energy about making that’s still captured here,” says Dennis. “I think her passion for materials and casual vibe set the tone that carries through today.”

Read Kresge's announcement about Marie Woo receiving this lifetime achievement award. Watch Marie Woo: The Potter's Potter by One Detroit on Detroit Public TV.

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