The Pewabic Stein is set to make a hoppy entrance

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It didn’t take much arm-twisting to persuade a small contingent of Pewabic employees to head to Eastern Market Brewing Company in Detroit to learn more about the small batch beer made with Pewabic in mind.

“Kiln Bier” will be available to purchase in our courtyard biergarten in celebration of the launch of our new Pewabic Stein, 12-6 PM Sat. Sept. 22.

Don’t fret — it isn’t actually made in our kilns.

“We were thinking about connections to Pewabic and thought 'Kiln' sounded good,” explains Dayne Bartscht, owner of EMBC, which only used German hops and German malts to create a “festbier,” a lighter, hoppier beer that acts almost as a stand-in for the darker, sweeter, heavier lager many associate with Oktoberfest.

Kiln Bier harnesses a “pleasant breadiness, almost like a slightly sweet pudding with a very nice raspberry finish,” describes EMBC Brewer Alex Sebastian.

“It’s one of my favorite styles. It’s been a very popular beer,” adds EMBC Head Brewer Will Mundel.

EMBC Head Brewer Will Mundel


“You know it’s a good beer when it’s the one the brewers drink,” says Bartscht with a laugh, testing out the new Stein. He gave it a thumbs-up. “I feel like it’s important when you drink beer that you can fit your nose in there.”

Hand thrown on the wheel, the Pewabic Stein features classic Pewabic decorative slip work and will be available online and in-store in two glazes, Cinnamon and Charcoal, beginning Sept. 22.

A hit in the taproom, Kiln Bier is gone when it’s gone, so come by Pewabic Saturday, or get to EMBC before they run out.

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