Founded in 1903, Pewabic is one of the oldest continually operating potteries in the country. Working out of our National Historic Landmark studio on Detroit's east side, we preserve a tradition of handcraftsmanship that has enriched lives for generations. Pewabic today is an active working pottery, architectural tile studio, ceramic arts education center and vibrant cultural destination that attracts visitors from around the world.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we continue to be guided by a singular mission: to enrich the human spirit through clay.

Legacy of handcraftsmanship

At Pewabic, we believe that beautiful objects made by hand elevate the daily art of living. We value thoughtful design that honors the timeless beauty of natural materials, and celebrate the city we’ve called home for over a hundred years.

our history

Pewabic Pottery was founded in 1903 by Mary Chase Perry (Stratton), an artist and educator, and Horace J. Caulkins, a dental supplier and kiln manufacturer. Pewabic became a leader of the Arts & Crafts movement in Detroit during a time that was both a golden age for handcrafted pottery and tile and a boom in industrialization with the birth of the automotive industry.

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Demand for Pewabic grew thanks to our stunning iridescent glazes and inspiring architectural tile installations throughout southeast Michigan and across the country. Generations have been enriched by the Pewabic art and tile adorning homes, schools, churches, and public institutions, cementing Pewabic into the rich cultural fabric of Detroit.

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pewabic today

Pewabic has about 50 employees working to enrich the human spirit through our handcrafted ceramic art, architectural tile and educational programs, and by sharing our rich legacy with students, customers and the community.

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our mission

Pewabic Pottery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the human spirit through clay.

we believe

We believe in the alchemy of earth and fire.

We believe everyone has creative potential.

We believe art is for everyday moments big and small.

We believe in vibrant glaze colors.

We believe beer tastes better in a handcrafted pint.

We believe good craftsmanship never goes out of style.

We believe in Detroit.

We believe our first one hundred and twenty years were only the beginning.